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Querta rezidenc Exclusive residence project in Prague 5

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Active life in downtown Prague

When Prague become the capital of the new-born republic in 1918, the social elite of that time searched for a corresponding location above the city to build new residential quarters. That is how 3 Prague hills – Malvazinky, Cibulka and the one, closest to the city centre – Hřebenky were build over. Hřebenky offer a pleasant place to live these days; it is within touch with the city activities and the nearby main roads for journeys to work and returning home.

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Hřebenky: a place with a noble atmosphere

Hřebenky: the most beautiful quarter of Prague 5 is no worse than Hanspaulka or old Vinohrady what concenrs atmosphere, architecture and prestige. Hřebenky attract painters, film makers, writers, and also enterpreneurs and politicians into its neighbourhood – simply everybody, who needs to be close to the centre of activities and at the same time wants to enjoy peace, space and inspiration that Hřebenky provide.



Exceptional architecture with homely atmosphere

Design house, planned by a recognized architectural studio ADR, spol.s r.o., offers uncompromising advantages of modern living. Here you will find only large-square flats, suitable primarily for families with children. Some of the twelve units include special social zones on the respective floor; here you can invite a bigger party and your family peace will not be disturbed at all. Quarta Residence is not only a place to live, it is a home.

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We have just started the pre-sales of the Quarta residential project. Be among the first and select from the limited offer of 12 exclusive large-scale flats. For more information about the project please contact us.


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