Let the value of your investment grow

The decision on purchasing an estate is an important life step; therefore, it is important to us that you feel most comfortable. It is easy to understand the schedule of instalments according to the schedule of the project and you will have enough time to find the best way of financing – the key point when purchasing a real estate. We have prepared the most economical mortgage to purchase your new home, without any unnecessary paperwork. In collaboration with our partners, we will tailor your financial product to your needs and with special privileges.


Reservation fee

200 000 CZK, excl. VAT
Payment to 5 days after
conclusion of the contract

1st deposit

15% of the purchase
price (incl. VAT) to 5 days
after conclusion of
contract on future contract

2nd deposit

45% of the purchase price
(incl. VAT) When finishing
the raw building

Difference paid

40% of the purchase price
(incl. VAT) Before concluding the contract on purchase

Mortgage service

  • discounts on interest rate for clients of the project
  • no fee for the mortgage processing
  • no fee for the mortgage maintenance
  • processing the valuation of the real property
  • extra instalments free of charge
  • ensure your low rates now, make use of your mortgage later
Is the reservation fee refundable?
The reservation fee is non-refundable.
When will I be asked to sign the Contract on Future contract on purchase?
The Contract on Future contract will be concluded based on the calltosign by the Seller.
I would like to pay the whole amount for the real estate by my own means; is it possible to get individual payment conditions?
Based on the requirements placed by the client, this option will be evaluated by the developer and negotiated individually with the Buyer.
I would like to transfer my Contract to a third party during the construction; is this possible?
Yes, this possibility exists.
What is the procedure re the last instalment; is it due before, or after the process of the building approval?
The last instalment is due after the building approval decision is issued. The Buyer will be summoned to subscribe the Contract within 15 days after the building approval decision is issued. The Client is obliged to pay the balance within 30 days of delivery of the summons.