Life among parks

Hřebenky – a hidden jewel in Prague 5
One of the most demanded locations in the Capital lies on a sunny hill overlooking the Smíchov quarter. Hřebenky are literally surrounded by the green of the nicest parks in Prague.
In the 17th century, Hřebenky were covered by vineyards and hop-fields belonging to the wealthy townsmen, nobility and church. In the 20s of the previous century they became an important locality for the elite of those days. They became a live exhibition of villa and garden architecture of that time.
The Klamovka park is next to the complex, a short walk will lead you to Petřín. You can see the whole city from the Kinský Gardens and you can explore the sky in detail from the Štefánikova observatory.
Doing sports is at your fingertips. The tennis courts are next to you and the Strahov arena is at the top of the hill. Next to that is the favoured Landronka.